Solution:Burnt out motor(s)



Motors can be damaged by a number of different problems. Some of the most common are:
  1. Incorrect voltage
  2. Motor thermal protection / overcurrent protection settings
  3. Excessive jogging
  4. Over heating 
  5. Contactor failure (contacts welded closed)


  1. Verify the incoming voltage is compatable with the motor. If the motor is rated for a different voltage than what is present a transformer can be installed or the correct motor can be installed.
  2. Verify the current draw of the motor and set protective devices accordingly 
  3. Excessive jogging can cause a motor to overheat and ultimatly shorten the life span of the motor. One solution for this is a VFD or motor drives. A properly configured drive will extend the life of a motor and prevent motor burn outs. Click here to see our drives.
  4. Properly installed motor protection or a properly configured drive will solve this problem.
  5. Replace contactors or install a drive. Click here to see our contactors.

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